Wombats Hostel Berlin has Shutdown!

Wombats Berlin Shutdown on the 31st August 2019.

What happened?

  1. Workers at Wombats Hostel Berlin started a Work-Council to help them improve their work conditions.
  2. The workers fought for better work conditions and fair wages.
  3. Wombats deliberately created a hostile work environment with bullying, threats and intimidation.
  4. Wombats responded with Outsourcing the cleaning staff in order to reduce the number of Union Members. This was just the first of many acts of Wombats Hostels.
  5. They then hired a law firm who specialises in Union Busting.
  6. Just before closing they systematically fired any Union Members or supporters who's contract ran out.
  7. The month before closing, EAK the company Wombats paid to create through Thallhammer to take on the cleaning staff. Closed and fired all the workers!
  8. Wombats final act was to close down Wombats Hostel Berlin because they did not want a work force that fought for its rights.

Heres the official shutdown notice: Shutdown-Notice-PDF

Those responsible for bullying, threatening, intimidating and outsourcing of staff are:

Sascha Dimitriewicz
Marcus Praschinger

Nils Kroll
Valentina Mulliri
Dominic Neill

Ferdinand Graf

Law Firm:
Buse Heberer Fromm - Lawyer: Tobias Grambow

what you can do!

If you work at one of the Wombats Hostels and have a story to tell, please contact us through twitter in DM or Instagram in DM. Details Below.

If you have a booking at any of the Wombats Hostels you can also cancel your stay in protest to the way they treat their workers.

You can help the fight by posting on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.

You can contact or follow us on:

Twitter: @womstaff1
Instagram: @nameofnot