Days Until Wombats Hostel Berlin Closes

Wombats Berlin will Shutdown on the 31st August 2019.

Why is this happening?

Short story is, the owners Marcus and Sasha want all union members gone. They have hired a Law firm that specialises in doings this!

Heres the official shutdown notice: Shutdown-Notice-PDF

Here is some history:

Staff at wombats for the past 2 years have been fighting for better wages, work conditions and to stop staff being sold to another company.

Wombats owners Sascha and Marcus have done everything in their power to stop the workers. Everything from intimidation to threats.

Recently Nils the manager under control of Marcus & Sascha has systematically fired any union members whos contract has come to an end in an attempt to rid the hostel of any union members.

They have also deliberately created a hostile environment for union members everything from aggressive and explosive anger from Nils(management) to deliberate exclusion from gatherings and privileges within the company.

Management has stooped so low to graffiti profanity’s on the street outside the hostel and mocking the struggle of the staff fighting for better conditions.

Currently Wombats has hired a PR company to clean up its image and try sweep its immoral actions under the carpet.

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